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We translate aging research into oncology practice

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Mission and Vision
of the lab

The mission of the Aging and Cancer Lab is to translate aging research into oncology practice. We work for a future in which aging processes that drive cancer become non-invasively detectable and can be reversed, so that cancer does not have a chance to arise.

Why is it important to understand the connection between aging and cancer?

Age is the best predictor of cancer. Understanding the age-related processes that make tissues permissive to cancer may allow us in the future to predict, locate and eliminate cancer before it can arise.

What do we do?

Founded by Mate Maus in 2023, our group investigates the relationship between aging and cancer development. We employ cutting-edge technology, in vivo mouse models of both cancer and aging, and investigate samples from human cancer patients to comprehend how aging of the tissue microenvironment favors malignancy and inhibits anti-tumor immunity. Our mission is to translate aging research into oncology practice. We do this by developing novel, innovative technologies capable of identifying and targeting age-related alterations in the tissue microenvironment that promote malignancies.

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